About me


My name is Vendula and you can know me under the Instagram account @biochemicka.vendy . I am an eternal student with my nose always in books and magazines, with a passion for skincare and the chemistry of cosmetics. And that's mainly because, since I was little, I had an immense desire to understand everything down to the smallest detail, down to the smallest molecule and atom.

That's why I also started studying biochemistry and after finishing it, I entered the world of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine and settled in nicely.

SkinFakta is an environment for education. There is a lot of misinformation in the online world (but not only there!). My mission is to set the record straight, to educate, and you can find all of that here. From articles to webinars or 1-to-1 consultations. For cosmetic professionals and leisure enthusiasts.

I would appreciate it if you leave comments or subscribe to my emails so we can stay in touch ♥︎

- Wendy