One of the very trending ingredients in cosmetics is probiotics. You certainly know them from dietary supplements or fermented foods, where they support the function of the gut microbiome.

But because the importance of the microbiome on the surface of the skin is becoming more and more apparent, pro-, pre- and postbiotics have started to be added to cosmetics, where they support the proper functioning of the skin. They can therefore help with eczema, rosacea, dryness or acne.

Do you need to improve your skin barrier? One possible solution is to support your skin microbiome.

Which means establishing the right ratio of beneficial vs. harmful microorganisms on the surface of the skin.

Therefore, look for cosmetics containing probiotics , which are, by definition, live microbial cultures or prebiotics - which are the nutrients of our microbes already present on the skin, or postbiotics - by-products of bacterial production and may also include parts of cells.

You will typically find " ...ferment lysate" in the composition.

But what does it even mean that we have a damaged skin barrier or an unbalanced microbiome?

These two concepts are related to each other. You can damage the skin barrier, for example, by intensive peelings, mechanical damage (such as an accident or medical-aesthetic procedure) or perhaps by using products that do not suit you. And a big reason is also genetics and various diseases (*eczema, acne, dermatitis...).

A damaged barrier also means a slight or major change in our microbiome, and the return to normal can be lengthy. In other words, just as our cells get stressed, so do the microbial ones. 

The following substances in the products can help you speed up healing:

✔︎ panthenol

✔︎ ceramides

✔︎ pro/pre/postbiotics

✔︎ centella asiatica

✔︎ aloe vera

Experts agree that the microbiome is absolutely crucial for the health of our skin. A balance between certain microbial populations is essential for the proper functioning of the skin, as the body's protective barrier.

Not every product we put on our skin is gentle on the microbiome. In fact, we should be glad that cosmetics don't destroy our microbiome, rather than wanting them to necessarily improve it.

Therefore, to be sure, the My Microbiome project was created, which gives products and ingredients a certification of gentleness towards our microbiome. 

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